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Party and Alcohol Consumption Policy

Welcome to the Grand Mercure Apartments. We trust that you will enjoy your stay with us. In order to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and to prevent any disappointment to you, please ensure you read the following hotel policy concerning parties being held in the apartments and the bringing of excessive amounts of alcohol to the hotel.

No Parties on the premises

Grand Mercure Apartments has zero tolerance policy on parties being held in the apartments. A party being defined as:

  • Any situation where the maximum number of guests allowed per apartment is exceeded
  • Any situation where the noise level from the apartment is deemed too high thereby disturbing other hotel guests and/or the apartment residents
  • Any situation whereby excessive traffic to/from the apartment is identified
  • Any situation where it is deemed that intoxication is occurring
  • Any situation where it is identified that excessive alcohol is present

In the event that any apartment/guest is identified as having a party, the hotel reserves the right to immediately request all occupants of the apartment up to, and including, the guest who has registered for the apartment to vacate the premises.

In the event that an eviction does occur, the registered guest will be charged for that night's accommodation and for any expense resulting from additional cleaning of the apartment, replacement of any furniture/fixture/fitting breakage, as well as for any required repairs.

Alcohol on the Premises

Grand Mercure Apartments does not allow for excessive levels of alcohol to be brought on to the hotel premises.

Excessive amounts of alcohol being defined as:

  • Cases/slabs/cartons of beer etc
  • Multiple bottles/cases of spirits/wine

In the event that a registered guest, or any persons associated with that guest, are identified as bringing excessive amounts of alcohol on to the hotel property that person will be requested to relinquish the alcohol to the hotel.

It will be stored in safekeeping for their retrieval on departure, or alternatively for the alcohol to be permanently removed off the premises.

If at any stage should a person be deemed in breach of this policy, and refuse to abide by the hotel requests, that a person will be requested to leave the premises.

Additional actions that may result in Eviction:

Grand Mercure Apartments reserves the right to immediately evict any guest, visitor or member of the public for the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • Intoxication and/or unsavoury/lewd behaviour
  • The throwing of objects over the hotel balconies
  • Spitting over the balcony
  • Wilful damage to hotel and/or resident property
  • Physical or verbal assault/abuse on the hotel staff, other guests, apartment residents, members of the public on hotel premises
  • Any behaviour deemed as a potential saftey threat to others
  • Any breach of the alcohol or party policies
  • Any incident for which the police are required to attend


Consequences of Eviction:

In the event that an eviction of any nature occurs, the registered guest, their associates and visitors, will not be able to make future reservations at the Grand Mercure Apartments, and any other accommodation provider at The Vintage.

In the event that any person requested to vacate the hotel premises fails to adhere to this request, the police will be called which may result in further action being taken against the person/s in question.